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Licensing Fabachrome Technology

Fabachrome Pretreated Natural Fabrics Are Available Exclusively @ inkjetfabrics.com

Fabachrome™​ digital textile printing is the dye-based, sustainable alternative to traditional print, steam, and wash processes. The water-less digital textile printing process is the first steam-less, multi-functional fabric printing & finishing technology that eliminates the discharge of hazardous dyes and other harmful fabric pretreatment chemicals into waste streams, while also preventing the generation of greenhouse gases. This advanced sublimation printing technology essentially removes those toxic chemical processes associated with conventional acid and reactive ink textile printing operations, thus resulting in cleaner water, less energy use, and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Fabachrome™ digital textile printing technology enables direct or dye sub transfer sublimation printing to any natural fabric. Using our proprietary fabric pretreatment, printers, brands, and manufacturers may now purchase pretreated natural fabrics, embodying  Fabachrome™ technology, enabling water-less digital textile printing, integrated in any sublimation process, applicable to virtually any fabric, including blends, thick fabrics, technical textiles, even outdoor fabrics, as well as non-woven materials.