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Fabachrome™ digital fabrics embody the first truly integrated approach to sustainability and performance in the textile printing industry. ​​The Fabachrome™ water-less digital textile printing process is a revolutionary single step solution, integrated in any sublimation process, applicable to virtually any fabric, including blends, thick fabrics, technical textiles, even outdoor fabrics, as well as many non-woven materials.

Fabachrome™​ digital textile printing is the dye-based, sustainable alternative to traditional print, steam, and wash processes. The water-less digital textile printing process is the first steam-less, multi-functional fabric printing and finishing technology that eliminates the discharge of hazardous dyes and other harmful fabric pretreatment chemicals into waste streams, while also preventing the generation of greenhouse gases. This advanced sublimation printing technology essentially removes those toxic chemical processes associated with conventional acid and reactive ink textile printing operations, thus resulting in cleaner water, less energy use, and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

And because the sublimated non-toxic dyes are permanently infused within the fibers of any natural fabric, Fabachrome™ digitally printed performance fabrics are extremely durable and beautifully wash-fast, while also exhibiting excellent stain-resistance, and bleach-resistance. Indeed, Fabachrome™ is the first steam-less, dye-based, multi-functional fabric printing and finishing technology.

​Because of worldwide interest in safe, sustainable technology, apparel and home textile products printed using the Fabachrome™ water-less digital sublimation process resonate with eco-conscious consumers seeking high-quality, durable fabrics from brands that not only utilize safe materials but that also conform to sustainable textile printing and manufacturing methods, a comprehensive approach to sustainability that addresses product quality, materials, and processes.

Fabachrome™ is on the vanguard of innovative water-less textile processes that are being embraced by brands and manufacturers who seek more sustainable methods of textile production. Environmental, health, and safety issues are critically important to brand image, as consumers increasingly demand high-quality, harmless, and environmentally safe products, thus strongly influencing buying decisions, as retailers seek forward-thinking brands that integrate responsible sourcing into their product design strategy.

Consumer expectations for product quality and sustainability are having a dramatic impact on responsible retailers who want to minimize the impact of their supply chain in supporting a more sustainable environment. But the textile dyeing, printing, and finishing industry continues to discharge harmful chemicals into waste water streams. Supporting the world’s top brands and retailers in meeting their environmental commitments, the Fabachrome™ digital textile printing process enables brands to create innovative fabric products, while reducing water and energy consumption.

The Fabachrome™ digital textile printing process accelerates the development of sustainable materials and manufacturing methods across the entire textile supply chain, as brands, retailers, and consumers embrace greener products. For retailers, responsible supply chain management continues to elevate the importance of sustainable manufacturing processes which minimize the use of water in textile printing, thereby eliminating effluent discharge of hazardous chemicals. The elimination or reduction of water, along with the elimination of hazardous process chemicals, represents a true breakthrough in the digital textile printing industry.

A new generation of designers is emerging, seeking to leverage the creative potential of digital textile printing for short-run production, as manufacturers and retailers benefit from very rapid turnaround, sustainable processes, and local sourcing. Custom manufacturing and digital textile printing allow print designers to develop innovative products that seamlessly integrate this limitless design aesthetic with the emerging paradigm of sustainable textile manufacturing.